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Are  you in search of a non-pretentious atmosphere and a no-nonsense massage? PAMI's is the place for you.

People come to me for a variety of reasons. For many, a weekly massage serves as an antidote to stress or as a recuperative phase of their fitness program. Others are looking for help with chronic pain or injuries, while still others seek answers to health problems that have not responded to previous therapies. The services I offer are tailored to meet your needs whether you are ill, in tip-top shape, or somewhere in between. The goal is to increase your wellness: your vitality, your ease of movement, the function of your body, and your peace of mind.

My goal as a natural health care practitioner is to encourage the body and mind to regain and maintain their normal function. Indeed, when you create health, dis-ease disappears.

If you have a question about my practice, please do not hesitate to call. I will be happy to speak with you and help you decide if my work is appropriate for you personally.

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