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"I have religiously and regularly sought massage therapy for most of my adult life and I can affirm that PAMI provides extraordinary massage therapy. As a runner and chronic back pain sufferer, I first began using PAMI when I had definite problems- and experience immediate improvement. But now, thanks to PAMI, massage for me is routine way of maintaining a sense of wellness."   --Davis

“I am almost 48 years old and can still ski the black diamonds due to the tremendous skills of PAMI. Her fabulous hands can strengthen and heal and could actually help PREVENT future injuries. I plan to be Skiing when I am 90 years old. Thanks to PAMI. She's great."    --Virginia

"I have been getting professional massages for over 20 years, so believe me, I know a good massage when I get one! PAMI is one of the mot professional, educated massage therapists I've ever been to. She works very diligently to relive your pain, work out kinks that have built up in your muscles, and, of course, relieve your stress. What's more, she truly cares about her clients. When you get up off PAMI's table, you will feel like a new person , and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I can say nothing but great things about PAMI's massages. Try one, and you'll come back!"           ---Vicki

"A massage by PAMI is a priority in my health care. I suffer from migraines and pain in my back and knees from running. Because of my regular sessions with PAMI, I am almost headache free and able to exercise without pain. PAMI is a professional and is the best therapeutic massage therapist I have experienced."            --Paula

"PAMI's massages have given me the flexibility to do gardening work that I wouldn't be able to do without her. I highly recommend her!"     --Ellen

I have only two words for you....1) HOLY 2) MOLY!!! PAMI R-O-C-K-S!! Saw her today for a whole hour. She is awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! --Brooke

Perfect way to end up the day.. a Massage w/PAMI
! Thank you , my friend for reminding me that a healthy body is imperative to my mental
health. If you need to be "kneaded" , she's the best.. Also, is a certified health coach, so if you want help with living a healthy life, from the inside out,, she's your coach!
I will sleep well tonight....--PB

"PAMI has helped so many people over the years to feel better and improve their quality of life. She has the gift of giving in so many ways. I like many, always thought a massage was a luxury that was only to pamper the body but in fact massage does so MUCH MORE. Massage changes your body!
I’ve learned over the years that it is so important to cleanse each cell in your body through the release of toxins and that human touch (not a machine in the gym) is truly the most adequate way to do this. PAMI is an artist. Her hands, positive spirit, positive attitude and honesty are her gifts she gives to others. If you want to be better in your own skin, have a better understanding of your mind and body and most important live a better life skip the material object that you don’t really need. Do something proactive to make your life better. Remember if each of us as a person feels better we have that much more to give to others..."     --Alicia

Pami...You are such an amazing coach! I loved listening to you last night! GREAT presentation. If anyone needs a health coach, one who really cares, you are the best!!  --Debbie